OnlineLadyStore offers brands sush as Ladylya Bio & KSKY

Ladylya Bio is  characterized by a formulation with up to 100% of natural ingredients, natural and/or organic origin ingredients with particular attention to the tolerance of the skin. Whole line is Made in Italy and it’s certified by CCPB s.r.l., which operates as a certification and control organiza­tion. lts ensures compliance with the minimum requirements for obtaining the certificate with Minimum 95 – 100% of the total of natural ingredients and/or natural origin ingredients and maximum 5% of total of synthetic ingre­dients (belonging to a specification approved list) by CCPB, This European certification aims to obtain a safer product than the classic makeup and is able to guarantee a product obtained with greater environmental sustainability. Organic and natural cosmetics are recommended to those with sensitive skin, or those with allergies to some chemical compo­nent of the conventional make-up and is recommended for people who follow chemotherapy .

Not contains: silicones and collagens – paraffins – parabens – petrolatum – gluten -mineral oils -sulphates


Moved by experience and by beauty as inspiring muse, we have conceived a make up brand. KSKY reflects the Italian style, it do not disappoint need of design, style and accessibility. KSKY products make protagonists all girls
and women enhancing their beauty. Every personality who dress K Sky find the right meeting between quality, range and attractive prices.
All KSky products are easy to apply, they boast of a great lasting, a complete
adherence and a performing texture. A particular attention is reserved also to easy and stylish packaging. This new line is the right answer to beauty
and wellness request. Have you ever thought about turning make-up in a sensory experience? The K-Style will be the key that will open
perception doors, with an unique style at
revolutionary price. Products are parabens free and without aggressive substances. They are suitable for sensitive skin thanks to extreme
softness and high tolerability index. Products are dematologically tested and contain moisturizing, nourishing, and protective substances.