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Our company is specialized in organic make-up like our brand Ladylya Bio . We try to offer to our customers and end-users, more and better quality/price ratio with particular attention to the tolerance of the skin, especially on leased lines as Ladylya Bio, that boast products with natural ingredients, and organic source ingredients. Ladylya Bio have been certified by CCPB which operates as a certification and control organiza­tion. lt ensures compliance with the minimum requirements for obtaining the certificate : Minimum 95% of the total of natural ingredients and/or natural origin ingredients and/or organic origin ingredients and maximum 5% of total of synthetic ingre­dients (belonging to a specification approved list).
CCPB, as other certification organizations, refers to the certification of products at its own protocol that setting out the ingredients that you may use, the percentages they should have and the derivation they should have, if natural, organic and sa on. lt also ensures that the production process, from raw materials to packaging, complies with the standards set for obtaining the certificate of natural or organic cosmetic. When a product is found to be suitable it is issued by the organization a certificate of conformity which must be affixed to each item offered for sale.
This European certification aims to obtain a safer product than the classic makeup and is able to guarantee a product obtained with greater environmental sustainability. All our products are Organic and natural cosmetics are recommended to those with sensitive skin, or those with allergies to some chemica! compo­nent of the conventional make-up.
Specifically, our certified products Ladlya Bio

– 100% Certified Organic
– Gluten free
– No parabens
– No synthetic dyes
– No silicone
– No petroleum
– Nickel Tested
– 100% Vegan

-Our Organic makeup lines are available in your Pharmacy ( Check the Store Locator ) 

-All our products have been clinically tested and included in a dermatological database of the University

-All our products are not tested on animals !

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