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The line LadyLya Biologica expands its product range with new Mascaras (Cream and Volume) characterized by a NEW FORMULATION contai­ning up to 99% of natural ingredients, natural and / or organic origin ingredients, of which 45% certified organic.Thanks to the high percentages achieved by this innovative formulation, we are able to certify the mascara as ORGANIC COSME­TICS at the certification body CCPB srl.
The new formulation is enriched with active ingredients such as:  Galactoarabinan: extracted from the Larch. lt is known to have moisturizing properties and it is using to increase the SPF factor. • Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein: they are hydrolysed proteins of plant origin (derived from corn) and they are a valid alternative to those of animal origin. They have moisturizing and protective properties. • Organic Carnauba wax: it is a wax of organic origin obtained from a palm that is native to Brazil, whose properties make the product easier to apply and more long-lasting. • Vitamin E: it is known for its natural antioxidant properties.
The mascara CREAM is characterized by a soft and creamy texture, easy to apply and leaves no clumps. lt wraps and separates the lashes natural­ly, without weighing them down for maximum comfort and a make · up perfect for every occasion.
The mascara VOWME thanks to its rich and creamy consistency volumizes lashes from the first step for a look more intense and seductive. lt is easy to apply and leaves no clumps.



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