Concealer Ladylya Bio

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All Over Eyes & Lips jumbo pencil range and Concealer jumbo pencil range LadyLya Biologica are enriched in their formulations: Apricot kernel oil: is very rich in vitamin E and F; has emollient properties, nutrients and antioxidants that prevent the spread of free radicals. Ideal for dry, sensitive, chapped and worn; valid against premature aging, protect from environmental influences, maintains the natural moisturizing, healing and regenerating effect. Soy Oil: contains unsaturated glycerides, essential fatty acids, prevents and retards skin aging. It has emollient, nourishing, restructuring, softening and soothing of irritation. Vitamin E:  antioxidant action takes place on both the natural product on the skin. Moreover, pigments of the formulation are low in heavy metals.

Up to 95% from natural ingredients, of natural and/or organic origin


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