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We are added to the line LadyLya Biologica three colors of Blush-on, characterized by a formulation consisting natural ingredient. This formulation con­sist in a main active ingredient as, glyceryl caprylate. which is produced using only plant materials, and has moisturizing properties and helps to improve and maintain the moisture and the righ balance of the skin. The texture has an excellent fluidity and is easy to apply; the product is silky with an MAT effect.
This formulation contains: – KARANJA OIL, rich in karanjina, effective in in­creasing skin pigmentation – APRICOT OIL, rich in unsatured fatty acids and vitamins A and E. lt has nourishing, emollient, an­ti-wrinkle, tonic properties and revitalised skin. – AVOCADO OIL, penetrating qualities and good spreadability on the skin – JOJOBA OIL, moisturizing – MACADAM IA OIL, obtained from the plant of ma-cadamia nuts, rich in triglycerides – SHEA BUTTER, moisturizes the skin and main­tain its elasticity – ORGANIC CORN STARCH, soothing effect.

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